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Speakers / Lecturers

Many companies often hold different events for employees or customers where they need an external speaker. We have often participated in this type of event, either with the responsibility for a workshop, or alternatively as an external speaker that contributes with visions and inspiration.


When we participate in this type of event, it is always with a specially tailored presentation. We do not believe you can allow yourself to just give a standard presentation. When planning a workshop - or speaking at an event - it is very important to adapt the presentation to the participating audience and the purpose of the event.


At Strand Consult, we work with strategic knowledge and information and we believe it is very important that our knowledge can be delivered in other ways than just through our large strategic reports that we continually publish. One of our objectives is that our knowledge can be combined with the possibilities of discussing and analysing that knowledge and information with a qualified employee from Strand Consult. You can find some more inspiration here: Strategic Workshops


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The objective with our speakers and workshops is always that the participants obtain a strategic angle to the challenges that are affecting their company and the market they do business in. If you would like more information about our workshops please fill out this form: Contact Us