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Strand Consult
Welcome to Strand Consult. Here you will find listed some of our non client-specific reports, publications and workshops. They cover a wide range of subjects, but all share the same objective: to help our clients move more merchandise in less time, at reduced cost.

We offer the reports with or without an associated seminar or workshop. The workshop is tailor made to fit your individual strategic and business needs. Workshops can also be purchased independently of a report

Each of our Telco reports are specifically designed to give specific answers to the question of how operators, retailers, handset manufactures and others can optimise business processes and realise the future potential of the changing Telco market

The media business is undergoing profound change. New technologies means a convergence between media and other businesses. Our Media reports helps clients realise and optimise their share of this new and converging market and its opportunities.

The only real measure of success in the IT business is its ability to realise and market new ideas. Our IT reports focus on how to best move technical products through various distribution channels, both in the btb and btc market.

Many of our clients have asked us to help them better manage the knowledge and information contained in our strategic reports. To help embed that knowledge and information in the organisation. For this purpose, we have developed a framework, called The Strategic Workshop.