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We don't just sell reports. We sell success...
Strand Consult is committed to help our clients sell more products in less time at reduced cost. When we produce our reports it is for a similar purpose. We want to help clients save time and maximise revenue.

The reports should be thought of as tickets to a strategic understanding of the future market for mobile services. They are insights into how to optimise revenue here and now.

Our studies show that reports are bought on the basis of four criteria: 1) The company behind the report. 2) Table of contents. 3) Price, and 4) Mentions of the report in the press. Clients are right to consider the supplier of information as well as the information itself. Still, we recommend our clients to ask for more.

To ensure they get what they pay for and insure them against bad investments, we have formulated the following ten commitments, which acts as a quality guarantee:

1. What information will the report provide?

Prior to delivering the report, we will of course provide a comprehensive list of the content and as opposed to many other suppliers, we also inform about the length of the report. We also offer clients the opportunity to talk directly to the authors of the report. This will provide a first hand impression of the thinking behind the report. A single telephone call will quickly reveal if the authors of the report know the subject area sufficiently.

2. In what form will I get the report?

We deliver all our report in three forms: electronic (single user), electronic (multiple user) and site licenses. More and more of our clients request the report in multi user versions in order to make it available though their Intranet and library services. However, client requests vary and we do our best accommodate these requests.

3. What do I do if I have questions about the report?

 We work very hard to make the report as accessible as possible. This is a challenge considering that so many different people with different backgrounds, at different levels and from different cultures use of the reports. We therefore welcome when clients call or write our people with questions arising from the reports, and they do this at no extra charge. It is our belief that the reports should provide the answers expected. Also, the ongoing dialogue with clients is of vital importance to the way we want to develop our business.

4. Can I order extensions to the report?

We often experience clients who have been inspired by the reports to a degree where request a further analysis of one or several parts of the report. We consider each of these requests individually, and provide clients with a quote for the additional work.

5. Can we order a workshop to go with the report, and who should participate?

 Our clients naturally wish for the knowledge contained in the reports to be embedded into their organisation in order to ensure a common understanding of strategic and other challenges. For each report we produce, we also develop a series of workshops. These combine theory and practical experiences in dialogue with participants. The workshops are designed for everyone who work or expect to work with issues contained in the report, be that management, business intelligence, sales or marketing. Each share the need to understand future challenges and possibilities - regardless of whether their work is strategic or creative in nature. The workshops are kept in a non-technical language to ensure that participants are equipped in the best possible way for the realities of the market situation.

6. Where can I read more about the report?

Strand Consult is amongst the most cited within the business. One reason for this is, of course that we are good at marketing ourselves. However, the reason is also that we are not afraid to state our view and position ourselves in relations to current issues. We are an independent consultancy, and feel it is our duty to speak up. Either search the Internet, or call us and we will be happy to point you towards different media who have written about the report.

7. How up-to-date is the report?

We make a living form clients who remain clients, and this only happens if we provide them with up-to-date information, which can be transformed into action. You will note that the launch of a new report, will co-inside with our participation in major international conferences, where we will give speeches or hold workshops on the subjects in question. The aim of our reports has always been, and will continue to be a position at the cutting edge of the development of the market. We are confident that our reports will leave you time to market.

8. Your guarantee of success.

Our clients continue to come back. This is the main reason that we have remained in the business for more than 17 years. We know that we cannot afford dissatisfied clients - especially not in a business like yours, where so many people know each other. Should one of our products, however not live up to your expectations, all you have to do is inform us. We will then ensure that you get value for money.

9. Who is Strand Consult?

We are an independent consultancy with a strong focus on the mobile business. We count all of the Scandinavian and more than 160 operators around the world on our client list. We help the mobile business increase revenues and make full use of the possibilities generated by new technologies. Strand Consult is regarded as one of the leading authorities on mobile technologies, revenue models and distribution strategies. We are one of the most sought organisers of workshops on the issue of how to ensure success in the mobile market.

10. In what way is Strand Consult unique?

We do not produce reports on isolated subjects. Our reports are both strategic and cross-disciplinary in their outlook. They do not focus on a single aspect of the technological or other developments. Rather they focus on themes and developmental patterns. One example of this is the subject of 3G. One cannot look at 3G services without looking at what is technologically possible and, most importantly what it is possible to generate revenues from. We help our clients navigate this new landscape. We help then juggle the issues of technology, revenue models, billing systems and producing mobile services. In other words: we help them with every aspect of the development of their business case.