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The Strategic Workshops
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Many of our clients have asked us to help them better manage the knowledge and information contained in our strategic reports. To help them embed that knowledge and information in the organisation.

For this purpose, we have developed a framework, which we call The Strategic Workshop. This framework is based on our reports, and the workshops are customized to fit individual clients individual strategic challenges.

The aim of the workshops is to help clients convert new knowledge into action. The workshops are a pass for a better strategic understanding of the current and future market. To help clients sell more products in less time at reduced cost.

How are the workshops organised?
The workshops combine analysis and practice in order to provide a complete picture of how technology, revenue models and distribution will affect your future business. The workshops convert technical lingo into plain language and help participants equip themselves for future challenges.

Examples of our strategic workshops:
All our workshops are tailor made to fit individuals clients' current and strategic challenges. To help you get a sense of the workshops we offer, we have described some of the workshops that have proven popular with our clients. Click on one of the workshops and read more:

Workshops developed specifically by Strand Consult

- How to deploy 5G: Best practices for infrastructure, regulation and business models
Next gen telecom policy and regulation - Workshop for leaders in the telecommunications industry
- How to get success on the smartphone market
- Executive workshop for Top Management and Board Members in the mobile industry
- Digital Strategy for the Telecom and Media industry
- How mobile operators can reduce cost for mobile masts and improve mast regulation
- Next Generation Prepaid
- Mobile Broadband, how to get success
- How to get success in a MVNO market
- The future VAS market, what does it look like, and what is the driving force 
- How to be successful in the future VAS market - The difference between winners and losers
- Mega trends in the mobile industry, what is driving the market
- New business models in the mobile industry – What do they look like, and how will they influence the industry
- Convergence, how will this influence the mobile industry
- Growth strategies for mobile operators
- New technologies, and how they will affect the mobile industry
- How to get a business case in a HxPA market
- The future telecom evolution, Triple-Quadroupple play, UMA, Wimax, HSDPA
- The Mobile Discount (MVNO) Evolution

See also our classic workshops

MVNO´s and Service Providers, a-z on Discount Mobile Service Providers
Mobile Operators: Adapting to the Discount MVNOs / Service Providers
Revenue sharing models on the mobile Internet
How to make money on SMS-based services
How to make money on WAP-based services
How to make money on UMTS-based services
The role of the media business in the future market for mobile services
The role of the financial business in the future market for mobile services
The role of mobile operators in the future market for mobile services
Marketing mobile services on the b2b market
Marketing mobile services on the b2c market
The road to 3G – how to ensure customer readiness (mobile services)
The road to 3G – how to ensure customer readiness (terminals)
Distribution strategies in the market for mobile services
Optimising distribution strategies
Optimising distribution channels
Marketing and selling mobile products via the Internet
PDA producers and how best to enter the mobile market
The use of mobile services in marketing
The segmentation of mobile phone customers in the future

Who should participate?

The workshops are for people who work, or expect to work with strategic issues, product development or sales and marketing - regardless of whether the perspective is a strategic or creative one. Common for them all is their need to better understand future possibilities, both in relation to matching products with clients' needs and marketing.

Why invest in a workshop?
It is a question of knowledge management. As mentioned above, many of our clients ask us to help them embed the knowledge and information held in the reports into their organisation. That is what the workshops do, and that is why you too should consider investing in one.

How to go about it
Workshops are often purchased combined with one of our strategic reports, however workshops can also be purchased independently of a report. When the client have had time do digest the content of the report and would like to have a workshop, we ask them to inform us about the following:
- Who will participate and what are their functions in the organisation ?
- What subjects, problems and questions will need to be addressed during the workshop?
- What are your expectations?

The same kind of preparation, will of course take place, when we prepare a workshop for customers who do not wish to combine the workshop with one of our reports.

This procedure serves to ensure, that our customer to a considerable extent, in cooperation with us, can create a tailor made agenda for the workshop.

Who is Strand Consult?
Strand Consult is an independent, privately owned Consultancy Company, which has its primary focus on the mobile sector.

We conduct surveys, publish reports and hold workshops on the development of both national and international markets for mobile products. The aim is to describe these markets in terms of their future potential and to provide our clients with the tools necessary to realise these potentials. We help our customers increase revenue and to better understand future technological challenges and possibilities.

Today Strand Consult is recognised as one of the leading authorities on the market for mobile communication products as well as media, finance and IT. We have sold our surveys to terminal producers, operators and distributors world wide. In fact, more than 80 mobile operators world wide use our surveys to optimise their business.

Ensuring success
All workshops are customised and designed to fit individual customers' individual strategic challenges. The workshops always combine strategic knowledge, technical expertise and cases, to help participants perform better in their daily work.

More information on the workshop