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Media reports
The developments within both the IT and Telco business, has strongly affected the Media business. It has meant a natural extension of its role from media to content provider developing, editing and optimising content for delivery across different platforms such as the Internet and WAP, I-mode and UMTS.

One consequence of this development is that the Media business will have to rethink how it generates revenue. Newspapers for example, have historically been financed through adverts, subscriptions and single copy sales. Any media looking to play a role in relations to the IT and Telco business, must embrace the role of content provider. And they must become able to handle micro-payments in order to ensure revenue.

If the Media business is able to adapt to this new role, the market potential will be significant, since the value of content is set to increase exponentially when adapted to new technologies.

Though many point to this market potential, few are willing and able to give concrete answers on how to realise this potential. Our media reports provide clients with both evidence and advice on how to best handle their role in the changing media business.

The good, the bad and the ugly side of Facebook - A report that describes how Facebook affects the mobile industry strategically, operationally and financially
With our new report we have published yet another unique report to add to our history of comprehensive reports where we closely examine and describe the challenges that the mobile industry faces when customers start using new platforms and technologies.

Mobile operators cannot avoid Facebook. With the current popularity Facebook has acquired it is becoming increasingly important for mobile operators and other market players in the mobile industry to evaluate how Facebook is influencing their business. Is Facebook only good news, or does Facebook also have a bad and an ugly side?

OneAPI - Next Generation Value Added Services in the Mobile industry

In our new report OneAPI – Next Generation Value Added Services in the Mobile industry, we have not only described how the industry has reacted to OpenAPI and how a number of operators have chosen to implement this new standard, but also described in detail how we believe this market will develop and how OneAPI will develop into OpenAPI.

It is no secret that Strand Consult has time and time again predicted precisely how the market is developing. Back in 1998/99 we described how a global premium SMS market would emerge and we were the first consultants to advise operators to choose an open garden strategy - a strategy that is today the whole foundation of the premium SMS market.

The report OneAPI – Next Generation Value Added Services in the Mobile industry is the latest addition to the many large strategic reports published by Strand Consult. We have analysed in depth the GSMA's new venture in the value-added services area. This is not a report full of one-sided praises about the choices that operators or technology providers have made, but instead contains serious propositions on how to make OneAPI a commercial success of the same magnitude as we have seen on the premium SMS market. Our goal is to help our customers understand how to create value for their shareholders.

The Moment of Truth, A Portrait of the Mobile TV Market

This report not only analyses DVB-H and the other mobile TV technologies, the report also explains why we believe that DVB-H most probably will join the list of Telco technologies that were terminated almost before being activated! Quite simply, we believe that DVB-H has been left standing still by the mobile broadband development we are seeing around the world.

When studying mobile TV, it is important to analyse the underlying business case. The foundation of mobile TV is the cash flow generated by mobile TV customers. That cash flow must be divided between the content providers, the mobile TV signal distributer and the other players that are part of the mobile TV value chain. Strand Consult has received the figures from mobile TV from around the world. We have examined what customers are doing today, how revenue and costs are being divided and what the market will look like in the future.

Report - The Moment of Truth, A Portrait of the Mobile TV Market

The moment of truth, a portrait of the iPhone
Much has been said and written about the iPhone, but even before its initial launch, Strand Consult was very critical - a criticism that was based on our experience and analyses. On the other hand we are the first to admit that there are many that disagree with our statements and the conclusions that have come out of our analyses.

In the report The moment of truth, a portrait of the iPhone we take a closer look at the iPhone, the iPhone effect and whether a mobile operator can actually measure the iPhone effect, or whether there are other areas or mobile handsets that an operator would do better focusing on?

We have had a close dialogue with a number of operators, we have examined their financial figures and analysed whether the iPhone has created value for those mobile operators that have been focusing on the iPhone. In the report we take a close look at the 10 largest myths about the iPhone:

Show me the money - The future Business models for mobile Broadband Services

Today there is at large global market for premium value added services in the mobile world. It started with ring tones and logos and has since developed into a multi billion euro industry with a large value chain allowing different types of market players to work together to develop, market and sell various types of services that consumers can use on their mobile phones. The foundation of this industry is the open garden strategy that operators all over the world have launched, making it possible to market and sell services across operators’ networks.

We have described how we believe the value added services market will develop from the mobile telephone market to mobile broadband and later to ordinary broadband. We believe that in the same way that there today is a business model for mobile services for mobile telephones, there will also be future business models for broadband services that launch in the mobile broadband universe and that thereafter spread to ordinary fixed line broadband. We call this model the BCAP model - Broadband Content Access Provider model.

How to become a successful MVNE
this report is much more than a market assessment; it’s a call to action plan that shows you how to thrive in a difficult market. It analyses the newest trends and explores, how to achieve success on the MVNE market.

The target audiences for this report are:
· MNOs – What should MNOs do to improve their market position and become successful with their MVNE strategies?
· MVNOs – how to utilise your existing setup and develop a MVNO business to a MVNE business.  
· MVNEs/MNEs – A lot of players are trying to become successful as MVNE/MNEs, but what does it take to attain success?
· Infrastructure providers - Infrastructure providers are setting up new business units servicing the MVNO market, but what does it take to be successful?

In this report we don’t just describe the current market trends. We examine all the market players in the value chain and explain their situation, so that you can understand and appreciate all the actual and potential influences on the MVNE market. This report is thereby an essential tool for your success in this market

How can a Wimax operator survive in a world full of WCDMA

The battle between various technologies (Wimax, CDMA, CDMA and GSM) is a very real and on some markets the battle is between WIMAX players on the one side and WCDMA players on the other.

In a number of countries including Brazil, a number of operators have chosen to convert from CDMA to a combination of GSM/WCDMA and been very successful with their conversions. The price of CDMA devices made it difficult for CDMA operators to compete against WCDMA operators. The question is whether the battle between WCDMA and WIMAX will be similar to the battle fought between CDMA and WCDMA and whether WIMAX operators have a chance on the future mobile broadband market.

How to get success with Value added services on the Mobile Broadband market.

Today there is a large market for value added services for mobile phones, a market that started with ring tones and logos and that was primarily driven by the business models created with the introduction of premium SMS..

With this report we examine the current mobile broadband market and how it will develop in the future and we look at which VAS products will dominate this market in the future. We believe that today's global market for value added services will spread from mobile phones and over to PC solutions that have a mobile broadband connection, and from there on to the traditional broadband solutions.

This report  is targeted at: 
- MNO's that believe there will be a VAS market on the mobile broadband market.
- MVNOs and ISPs that want to learn how to make money on various types of VAS that can generate traffic in their networks and their billing systems.
- VAS providers on the mobile market that want to examine the new possibilities and business models that will emerge with the introduction of mobile broadband.
- Internet players like Google, Facebook, MSN, Skype etc, that want to take advantage of the new possibilities to develop and market various types of services that will be possible on the future mobile broadband market.
- Media companies that want to take advantage of the new opportunities on the broadband market, to create new revenue streams as a supplement to their existing revenue.
- Technology providers that want to deliver the underlying solutions that will make it possible to host, market and sell value added services via mobile broadband connections.

How media companies can get success on the mobile broadband market

Today many media companies are fighting declining circulation figures and therefore declining advertising revenue. The introduction of the Internet has created a paradigm shift that has resulted in large parts of the media industry having to reinvent themselves and needing to create new revenue streams that can compensate for their declining revenue in other areas.

With this report, media players have the possibility of gaining an insight to the reality they will be facing tomorrow. They will receive knowledge of the elements that make up the paradigm shift they are currently experiencing. This report contains the exact knowledge that many media companies have long been searching for.

This report  is targeted at: 
- Global media companies with a wide media focus ranging from TV to radio, print and various online activities.
- Regional and national media companies with a wide or narrow focus, where online activities are considered a supplement to traditional media activities.
- Media companies with a narrow focus - TV, radio or print and that view their new media department as a supplement to existing media activities
- Online media that have a national, regional or global focus and that are examining the opportunities that mobile solutions and mobile broadband will give them on the future media market.
-Market players that wish to do business with the media industry and that want to communicate with this industry based on the current business reality the media world is operating in.

How MVNO´s can get success in the Mobile Broadband market

The MVNO market is changing and with the introduction of mobile broadband a number of existing MVNOs are facing two choices - should they market and sell mobile broadband and if they do, which strategy will make them successful?

This report is a unique collection of knowledge and can save you a great deal of time and ensure that you increase your possibilities of being successful on this market. With this report you will have access to 95% of the knowledge a market player focusing on MVNOs and their role on the mobile broadband market needs.

This report  is targeted at: 
- MVNOs that want to do business on the fastest growing market in the history of the mobile industry.
- IT companies that are today selling applications and solutions on the business market and that are considering bundling applications with data traffic.
- ISPs that view the mobile broadband market as a competitor/supplement to their existing broadband business.
- MVNEs that want to supplement their existing solutions with mobile broadband.
- New MVNOs that are considering launching a wireless ISP.
- Technology providers that want to do business on the MVNO market and that need knowledge about this market and how it is developing.
- MNO's that need knowledge about the MVNO market for mobile broadband providers.

Successful Strategies for the Mobile Broadband Market
Many people are talking and writing about the mobile broadband market, what it looks like and how it will develop, but very few have analysed and described all the facets of this market. We know that the mobile broadband market is the fastest growing market in the history of the mobile industry - never before has a product been sold in such large quantities in such a short time.

We believe that the mobile industry, the broadband industry and the many players doing business on the mobile broadband market and mobile broadband services market face a number of challenges. The single largest challenge is how to tackle this market and create a future proof successful strategy. If you examine the mobile broadband market and how it has already developed on a number of markets, there is no doubt that success comes with a downside - a downside that will have enormous consequences for market players that are not using the correct mobile strategy.

How to Succeed in the Second-Generation MVNO Market
The report is much more than a market assessment. It’s an action plan that shows you how to thrive in a difficult market. It analyses the newest trends and explores, in particular, how best to proceed at a time when most MVNOs are pushing cheap voice minutes and SIMs, copying the now-famous Telmore model.

In this report we don’t just describe market trends. We consider all players in the value chain and explain their situation so that you can come to appreciate all the actual and potential influences on the MVNO market. This report is, therefore, an essential tool for your success in this market.

When we launched our first MVNO report, the consensus was that the “Danish flu” would not spread to other markets. Most MNOs said that this was a Scandinavian phenomenon, and argued that discount players would not be successful in their own markets. However, shortly after we published the report in 2003, discount MVNOs began springing up in Norway, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and a host of other countries.

Understanding the future mobile market

Back in 2002, Strand Consult realised that the expectations that the operators, handset manufacturers, infrastructure suppliers, media companies etc. had for the future mobile market were not matching the reality of the direction the mobile market was moving in.

The trilogy consists of the following reports:
-Mega Trends in the mobile industry  - a question of life or death:
-Successful Strategies for the future Mobile VAS market
-How to get success - in the 3. Generation Value Added Service Market, The Platform & Delivery perspective

With these three reports you will have access to over 1200 pages of research, case studies and strategic tools that one of the industry's strongest teams has spent 10 man years compiling. With this combination of knowledge, tools and information about what the best in the business are doing, you can quickly achieve a competitive advantage that will easily justify your investment in "Understanding the future mobile market - a trilogy that shows how to achieve success in the short, medium and long-term".

Successful Strategies for the future Mobile VAS market

The report is a strategic report that contains the knowledge that builds a bridge between the first two reports "How to achieve success in the 3. generation VAS market - The platform & Delivery perspective" and "Mega-trends in the mobile market - a question of life and death" that we have already published and sold to over 70 operators around the world.

The purpose of the report "Successful Strategies for the future Mobile Value Added Services market" is to create a tool that you players on the services market can use to navigate a market that in our opinion will experience a paradigm shift. We believe that the market for mobile services faces enormous changes that will influence all the market players - operators, technology providers and all the people making a living from marketing and selling mobile services to end-users.

We are convinced that the whole mobile services market is facing a paradigm shift as the mobile market experiences a number of changes. We believe that some operators will spread across larger parts of the value chain, while others will focus on their core business. Put simply, one could say that on the future mobile market, different operators on the same market will have very different strategies based on their current market position and the strategy that the operator group the operator is associated with has been using

Mega Trends in the mobile industry
- a question of life or death
If you look back at the GSM market and how it has developed historically, the industry has not changed much in many areas since the first operators emerged. The focus has been on attracting and maintaining the number of customers required to run a profitable business.

The tools have been a wide distribution of cheap subsidised telephones, combined with falling prices, which has changed the mobile telephone from being a luxury product reserved for just a few people, to becoming a product available to a large part of the world's population.

Bad times and crises were something unheard of before the years 2000 to 2002, where a number of countries chose to auction their 3G licenses.

The Mobile VAS Market

This report is a strategic insight into the mobile value added services market, and how this will develop in the future.

The purpose of the report ”The Mobile VAS Market” is to create a tool for players working with VAS. A tool, which can be used to navigate the VAS market! A market that will experience great changes, which will influence all players – operators, technology providers and companies making a living of marketing and selling mobile services

If you would like to know in which ways the mobile VAS market is developing, and how mobile operators and other players will influence this market, then you should read this unique report


Strategies for the Mobile Operator

This report is a strategic map of the Mobile operators current situation and the strategies which will prevail in the future.


The purpose of this report ”Strategies for the Mobile Operator” is to create a tool which players on the mobile market can use to understand the mobile operators reality and help them to navigate on this market, which is facing a paradigm shift during the next years.


Mobile Operators are the heart in the mobile value-chain, it is therefore vital for all players who wish to participate in the mobile value-chain, understand the Mobile Operators current situation and strategies. 

How to get success - in the 3. Generation Value Added Service Market
The market for mobile services started with primitive information services delivered via SMS. With the introduction of Nokia's smart messaging, a market for ring tones was created that was stimulated by premium SMS’s that worked across operators – with the introduction of one short code that worked across all operators, a whole new industry was created with a revenue in Western Europe of over 2 billion Euro in 2004.

We believe the market for mobile services will continue to develop positively, but that the introduction of new technologies and more advanced mobile phones combined with the fact that many operators are under financial pressure, will lead to a paradigm shift on the mobile services market.

How to make money on mobile services
- A picture of the current & future Market for Mobile Services in Europe
Strand Consult has spent the necessary time to compile a report that contains no guessing at all- on how the future mobile services market will develop.

We have analysed the market for mobile services today in relation to its technology and development, the roles of the different market players and the business models that drive and will drive the mobile services market. The report takes in to account all the factors that affect a market for mobile services.

The Korean Market for Mobile Services
- A window to 3G.
Korea's mobile operators and service providers have proved that the more advanced terminals and services have had a positive affect on the operators business case.

Did you know that in Korea a 2G customer spends 1.9 Euro, a 2.5G customer 4.6 Euro and a 2.5G customer with a colour screen 7.6 Euro on wireless Internet a month? How have they achieved these outstanding figures? What have the mobile operators, the service providers and the other mobile players done to deserve such high rewards?

Korea's Mobile Market - A window to 3G
- A detailed report that shows why and how the Korean mobile market has developed into the ultimate 3G showcase.
This report about the Korean mobile market shows in detail how the operators work. The report is the closest you will get to a script for a live 3G business case. When you have read this unique report, you will forget all about Japan and focus on all there is to be learned from Korea.

It is not a secret that many mobile operators have already purchased this report - Korea is the closest we can get to a live 3G business case today.

Understanding the SMS and MMS Service Market
- a picture of the current & future mobile service market
The report analyses which basic factors have made the SMS market such a success. It will be factors similar to these that can help the MMS market forward. Also the report takes a close look at the speed and process with the which the SMS market has evolved and matured, which is also very interesting reading with MMS in mind in that it will be a similar process that will ready consumers to take up MMS services.

In connection with this reports analysis of the market for Premium SMS services, the services have been divided into 11 different types of services, including ringtones, logos, mobile games, chat/dating, adult services and so on. Each service type is analysed separately and specific case studies show how the services can be used.

Understanding the Mobile Application Service Market
- a picture of the current & future mobile service market
Today, when mobile operators and content providers deal with Premium Mobile Services, their primary focus is on Premium SMS - and now to a little extent - Premium MMS services. This focus is mostly due to the fact that SMS has up o now been the only successful premium mobile service and most people expect premium MMS will be the natural successor to SMS, by offering more advanced possibilities. how the services can be used.

One very important feature of this report is that all the future revenue estimates have been split up into the operators perspective and the content providers perspective, so for each service in any year in any country, content providers can see how much prospective revenue they can expect after the mobile operator has taken his share.

Facts & Figures
- The Current And Future Western European Market For Mobile Services
In connection with the compilation of Strand Consults reports about the Western European market for SMS and MMS P2P messages and Premium Mobile Services based on SMS/EMS, MMS, WAP and Mobile Applications, Stand Consult has collected, analysed and presented a great deal of information and actual sales data. This work was done to enable us to estimate the current and future market value of both P2P mobile messages and Premium Mobile Services.

This 300+ page report "Facts & Figures - The Current And Future Western European Market For Mobile Services" contains the full collection of Strand Consults mobile estimates from 2002 - 2005 for 16 countries in Western Europe. All the data is presented in well arranged graphs and tables and is very easy to navigate.

Show me the money
– a report on revenue models and revenue sharing on SMS, WAP/GPRS and UMTS based mobile services
Attention has turned to revenue and revenue sharing – and with good reason. Mobile operators are looking for revenue models, which are able to both ensure a return on the large GPRS and UMTS investments, and make it attractive for content providers to develop and market mobile services.

This new report is designed specifically to help operators and content providers meet this strategic challenge.

- the key to a billion dollar market
This interesting report will provide suggestions on how to optimise your earnings on SMS by using future revenue models, which you can use in order to maximize the earnings in your company. Furthermore, we take a closer look on SMS compared to the Mobile Internet and how you use these possibilities in the most effective manner.

The Moment of Truth: A portrait of the advertising market in Denmark
This report describes in detail the advertising market in Denmark. It is a comprehensive analysis of the sales process based on a single company’s planning its media spending. The report maps the process by which different media establish relations with potential customer. The analysis is done across different groups of media which include all major national and regional newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations and outdoor media.

Please note that this site is still under construction. Only a small number of our reports are currently shown here. For more and immediate information on our reports on the Telco, Media, Finance and IT business, please contact us either by mail or by phone on + 45 70 100 300.